Friday, September 13, 2013

Orion's Belt...or What have I been up to??

September is already nearly halfway over!  Where HAS the time gone?  Well the last few weeks I've been very busy with my new baby...kitten that is. 
This is Orion - 4 months old here and only a day with me.  I caught him mid bath and you can see his tiny tongue sticking out if you look close.  Awww...try and resist the cuteness!

He bonded with me so thoroughly that his favorite place is to sit on my chest and knead my...well he's a boob man, shall we say - and also my throat, which is not so fun as he gets bigger.  LOL  He'll be too big for that behavior for long, but for now I find it adorable.  He then passes out draped along my neck like a scarf.  It's what all the Paris catwalks will be having this Fall - kitten scarves. 

BUT I have no photo to share of that particular habit.  I'm too shy to post pics of myself (you may have noticed LOL) - but I do have plenty of pics to share...

Here is one of his first pictures.  Such a sweetie - got him from the animal shelter - he just won my heart.  They said he likes climbing shoulders (yep), and he purrs the most.  Say no more! 

He has the funniest coloring - he's black and white in front, but then there is a definite line where it turns gray all over his back (dare I say - a belt between?) and his face and tail are quite fluffy and long haired, but the middle is kind of fluffy, but short.  And his ears!!  Cameras don't quite catch the goofiness of his long white tufts in each ear - they remind me of Yoda at times.

Here he is 'just chillin' with my older cat Smokey (or Loki as I call him - he's a crafty one).  They get along somewhat, but the age difference is a bit much.  Smokey is very calm and zen (most of the time) and despite appearances in the pictures, Orion is a Mischief Maker.  His nickname is M&M.  ;)

And now we hear from Orion...
Orion:  Who me?  Mischief??
I just sleep and sleep and charge up while mommy updates her shop...
And I like to cuddle...and am possessive...
And Miracle of miracles...I get mommy to allow a rare picture of herself - because she's totally besotted in me.  We are best of buds - we love all things British, too.
And I may be planning to jump back on her shoulders and purr my heart out again.  Because I'm just that loveable...  If you want a kitty or pup in your life go to your local shelter and pick one of us out - we all need homes and we fill your hearts with love in return.  XOXO
And there you have it.  I lost my two cats over the last few years and our dog, too from old age and illness.  It's been very quiet with just Smokey and while he was happy being Top Cat and enjoying all our love and attention...he kept yoddeling at night in the hall - very much seeming to be calling for the missing pets.  Something he didn't do until they were all gone.  It hurt to hear and I do believe he was lonely.  He may get annoyed with a energized kitten in the house, but I do think they are bonding a bit. His days are certainly not boring anymore. 
Orion is making everyone happy.  Here's a pic of my dad who now works from home during the day...
Orion: Work?  Boring - PLAY with me!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!
P.S.  I named him Orion just because I wanted a cool name and he's quite the little hunter (and hey - it's Greek, like me), but then I realized...Men in Black!!  Orion's Belt...  LOL  Oh well.  Guess I wasn't being original.
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