Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015!! Stay warm with Greek bread and Cute Fox Scarves!

New Year's is pretty low key in our house.  Mostly we watch movies or marathons on TV (Breaking Bad this year - pretty good show!).  But we also baked traditional Greek New Year's bread - Vasilopita.

Basically it is just a bread with a coin wrapped in foil baked inside.  Whoever cuts the piece that has the coin has good luck that year.  You can use a variety of dough recipes or even make it a cake.  We took another stab at making Tsoureki.  It's a kind of sweet, slightly heavy bread.  It came out rather thick.  Smelled fantastic as it baked.

Here's a pic:

It's supposed to say 2015.  This one showed up the best, the other one looked scrambled.

So far 2015 has been pretty peaceful, but it is, of course, COLD!  Tomorrow is supposed to be 9 F at the warmest here.  Brrrr!!  We ended up making some scarves.  I put one in the shop as it is too cute not to share!

Who doesn't love a cute Fox face?? 

They are so cute and cheerful - put a smile on my face every time! 
You can get one HERE.

Stay warm!!!
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