Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Decorating ideas

You MUST check out Country Living's 30 tree looks and think about changes and additions to your own decorating.
I have some prim looking ornaments coming up - just in case you go for this type of tree - the tin star is cool, but are those just tags as ornaments?? A little on the sad side, but very interesting look.

As for these Victorian ornaments - I love them, I have some of my own, okay, my mother's own, but they look really great when I wind the garland around my banister and add ornaments, these I hang at regular intervals and they are very cool to me.

Oh bottlebrush trees, how have you taken my heart?? I love them so but cannot find a single good one this year that isn't the typical little green ones, so, going with some of the items I'll be selling very soon, I added a great deal of old fashioned glitter and made them look much better and actually in great masses - a beautiful forrest just after a heavy snow.

Oh, and I know I can by reproduction ones for outrageous prices on ebay and even real vintage ones, but I found some great ones at a store once for a great deal and I've got medical bills to pay and our washer and dryer are dead and so are all our Christmas present ideas. Luckily we got a good deal with the holidays for new ones.

I already have my gingerbread house kit so as soon as I post at least most of my items on Etsy I plan to outdo last year's. Anyone else plan to make one? They are just so fun to look at. I miss being a kid and coveting eating all that candy or finding a big one to live in that didn't have the witch from Hansel and Gretel in it.

One year an aunt bought a beautiful one at a bakery and then when the season was done let my cousin and I eat it and the glee of eating the walls and the sugar cone trees and little peppermints and who knows what else is a Christmas memory I cherish.

If anyone else does a gingerbread house and would like me to link to yours send me a link or a pic or just invite me on over to your blog because I LOVE looking at Gingerbread houses. They did a Challenge on the Food Network for gigantic houses, but as usual humidity and time limits just ruin what might have been a cool competition in better circumstances. Oh, and it doesn't have to be gingerbread - many people use graham crackers, too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shabby style Daybed + Cats, of course

There is a law of the land that states any clean and freshly made bed must be immediately appropriated by any fuzzy animal in the house. As you can see Smokey is making sure I comply fully with this law and not go to jail.

We bought this day bed at a garage sale years ago and it was my main bed for many years until I decided I really wanted to stretch out and have my kitties be able to sleep without getting kicked off so I bought a queen sized bed and put this away in storage. It is currently serving as my sickbed as I still find my own bed inconvenient and on really bad nights I don't want to wake others with moaning and frantic pill hunts plus I can get myself some juice or crackers, etc.

I love the colors - the quilt is new, something my mom bought while I was in the hospital and she wanted me to have fresh sheets and a quilt and be comfortable. Also...she couldn't remember where we'd put the twin sheets and it was either buy new or go bare. lol

Smokey: What on Earth do you mean you didn't just take all that effort to make the bed perfect for me?? You may have forgotten to take your medicine today, just saying... Now go fetch my catnip mouse and a brush and all will be forgotten of your little comments.

blurry pic of one of many little details I love so much they make it so vintage and pretty to me. It's my spare bed, if ever I have my studio finished...ahem, man of the house...I really want it down there so I can rest and straighten my back out like I need to in between projects.

There is no law against having two fuzzy creatures at a time on said bed, but there are times when three is too many or even two if they both try occupy spots too close to each other:

Sorry it isn't a Thanksgiving post, but I may have one tomorrow or so, I'm hoping I'm able to make some very old fashioned treats that I so adore: mincedmeat pies/tarts. They are good, really, don't let the name turn you off, no meat taste at all and I add lovely apples and raisins and my family can't get enough of them.

Actually I probably blogged before about them, but so what? It's all I'm up to making this year besides a salad for the meal. I had to beg off cooking and entertaining this year. I'm lucky and thankful that the surgery is over, if the regular schedule was followed I'd be just released and home and feeling much much worse so I'm grateful for having it over.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winner of Giveaway!!

After adding up the number of comments from the giveaway post til today and randomly selecting a number - I got the number 5 - so the lovely and inspiring Danita won! What a lucky gal!

I hope you like the pin. I'll comment on your blog to let you know and get your info to send. So sorry to those that didn't win, but I do have a plan to give one of the pendants I'm making soon so don't be too sad. It'll make a good gift for yourself or another. Now I really must get back to my crafting table and try to ignore the looming holiday as I'm so very very behind. Next giveaway will be first day of December maybe? Until then - happy weekend everyone!!

REMINDER - Giveaway ends today!!!!

I just want to remind everyone that the giveaway ends today. I'll wait til late night to pull out a winner - right now it's six people only - good chances for those that entered, but rather pathetic for a giveaway. No one else likes little red Foxes?? Aww. I feel bad for him.

On an up note, my alumni pool lets us swim for free (something I didn't know before) and I actually got to go swimming again. It was more like a chair lifting me into the pool and me doing pool exercises, but it was enough to just enjoy that feeling again and know I can go any evening I want! Yay!

Would you believe when we called the head of the athletic dept. just a few months ago they told me I'd have to buy a 400+ dollar pass just to swim for a year? And they either were messing with me or someone doesn't know their job at ALL. And I can use the exercise room, too. I'm so happy! :) I want to get healthy and strong and do a better job as a blogger and shop owner. So please don't give up on me yet!!
You can comment here or on original giveaway post to be considered for the giveaway. Last Chance!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Etsy Update: Cool New Pendants

I'm very proud of these two beautiful pendants I just put up on etsy. The first rabbit sold fast, so I made another one, but the other one is a crown with medieval/renaissance writing on it using two of my favorite stamps.

Cute, aren't they? And they both come with silver plated chains that are easily adjustable, just cut to desired length. My mother and I have worn these out and they always get compliments.

larger than actual size which is just 7/8" by 7/8"

They are up right now, go take a peek and don't forget the giveaway - comment there if you want the Fox pin.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Giveaway!!!!!!!

Shake off those Monday Blues and comment here for a chance to win this really cool fall pin with a beautiful fox on it.

Made of Polymer Clay by Stone House Jewelry, it's really a pretty piece and I'd never guess it was made from clay. Measures 2x2" and is really cool. I thought it was really an appropriate Fall giveaway. Giveaway ends this Saturday and will be shipped right away.

I'll be having another giveaway soon after Thanksgiving for a Xmas treat.

So the only rules for this giveaway is leave a comment - any comment on something interesting you've seen/done/wish you had/ etc. or something interesting.
And now for a cute pic I got of one of my kitties at Halloween. Ever try to get a hat on a cat? It isn't easy - I had to bribe him with candy. Naw, just kidding, he was real laid back about the whole thing I just wish all my other pics weren't so blurry.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thanksgiving at Etsy

If you missed out on the first set of Thanksgiving/Fall boxes, have no fear - there's a new set in the shop right now. Hurry, it's the last one I'll have up for this year.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Etsy Update

Finally finished a set of Laundry Room Prim boxes I've been meaning to finish for like two years or so. Talk about procrastination. LOL Check it out!

Aren't they adorable?? They're nesting boxes, too, so they are very easy to store and put away or wrap up for a gift. Check out the posting for more info. Also there is a sale going on (and the price of these boxes reflects that sale, though I didn't label it offficially.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ooooh, bargains!!

Hey, you interrupted my nap! Oh, yeah, there was something I was supposed to tell yes, there is a great sale going on at 58Cherries right now so you might want pop on by and do a little Christmas shopping.

Oh, and by the way, this wreath you got out? It's mine. You need to decorate it, you say? I'm not decorative enough? Besides it's my bed now. Go buy yourself another one.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

When I need a little cheer on a dreary day...

I just go to this site the main page makes me smile and feel warm and tingly all over. Maybe I should do a room in the house like this:

Everyone in blogland knows, or should know The Crown and Crumpet, but I just felt the need to go and look at their pic right now and thought I'd share. Spot of tea anyone? Or a scone?? I feel I must promise myself I will go there one day when I'm feeling better.

And then of course there is the Ink and Spindle. Beautiful fabrics - I still yearn for their key fabric.

And the names of the shops just tickle me pink - Crown and Crumpet, Ink and Spindle. I just love them. Which reminds me - I bought this pillow over the summer from the Flax & Spindle. Isn't adorable. It was smaller than I thought it would be which taught me to always double check the sizing before purchasing, but it's cute nonetheless.

It's a real postcard, fyi.

Just Happy and a bit of News

I've sold two items in the last month - thank you so much!!! - not a big deal for most sellers on Etsy, but for me it's a big boost. (One Thanksgiving Prim box set - Oh so pretty and hard to part with - another is on the way, and the medieval rabbit necklace, which I notice has been very popular and rightfully so I have lots of requests for those.)



On the other hand I lost followers of my blog - should this worry me? Am I that fragile? lol I do apologize for the lack of interesting posts lately and new crafty things - after all, I was in the hospital and I'm only just now on my feet, but I'll let you in on a little secret - I've got some cool stuff coming your way very soon. So bear with me PLEASE as I try to get things in order.

Also - and I haven't forgotten that it is traditional to have a giveaway on the one hundredth post, but as I was totally not up to it I had to postpone it til now. So, in celebration of my 20th sale on Etsy, my well over 100th post on my blog and in the spirit of the holiday season there will be a giveaway post - details to be revealed asap (tomorrow, hopefully) and it may even be a multiple giveaway just to make up for the wait so stay tuned, bloggers!!!
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