Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Etsy Update: Cool New Pendants

I'm very proud of these two beautiful pendants I just put up on etsy. The first rabbit sold fast, so I made another one, but the other one is a crown with medieval/renaissance writing on it using two of my favorite stamps.

Cute, aren't they? And they both come with silver plated chains that are easily adjustable, just cut to desired length. My mother and I have worn these out and they always get compliments.

larger than actual size which is just 7/8" by 7/8"

They are up right now, go take a peek and don't forget the giveaway - comment there if you want the Fox pin.


Heather said...

Oh I LOVE that rabbit! I love the tapestry arts...I also have called my girl 'bunny' since she was born, so i love rabbit things...
About the books-- YES, I am the one who loves the Gabaldon books but I have a confession...I never finished 'a breath of snow and ashes.' Maybe I just dont have the time I did when I was in college and first found the books but...I kept feeling like "you're spending 100 pages on this?!?!" you know how she goes off on her tangents ;) I have half a mind to wait til you read them all and you tell me how it ends, haha!
BTW, have you ever read the "Into the Wilderness" books by sara donati? They are similar in scope (and length) and the first book features a cameo from clare and jamie :)

58 Cherries said...

Glad you like the rabbit - I actually have several more waiting to be finished (I'm sure you as a fellow artist understand having about four or five projects going on at the same time and no time to finish them all!) I know that Gabaldon goes off on her tangents, but I actually liked that book more than I have any of her other ones since Voyager. I don't know how far you got through that book, but there were some pretty exciting moments (Claire being dragged to town as a murderess?) Anyway, this new book I'll admit was slow to start and she's added a few more characters to spice things up, but what I really was looking forward to - Jamie and his illegitimate son Willie to finally meet and for Willie to realize just how much he's been lied to DOES happen in this book so I was really glad. But then of course she ends it close after that and off we go to wait a few years for more. I do so hate writers that do that, but somehow she keeps me loyal as a fan. LOL

I liked the look of your new shop - the silhouettes look very interesting and very much your style of painting. Will those soon be in your shop? Oh, and what is with the vandalism at etsy - is it something I need to worry about??? Please let me know, that got me very worried. I really like Etsy and I'd hate to have to leave it and start over again.

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