Thursday, November 5, 2009

When I need a little cheer on a dreary day...

I just go to this site the main page makes me smile and feel warm and tingly all over. Maybe I should do a room in the house like this:

Everyone in blogland knows, or should know The Crown and Crumpet, but I just felt the need to go and look at their pic right now and thought I'd share. Spot of tea anyone? Or a scone?? I feel I must promise myself I will go there one day when I'm feeling better.

And then of course there is the Ink and Spindle. Beautiful fabrics - I still yearn for their key fabric.

And the names of the shops just tickle me pink - Crown and Crumpet, Ink and Spindle. I just love them. Which reminds me - I bought this pillow over the summer from the Flax & Spindle. Isn't adorable. It was smaller than I thought it would be which taught me to always double check the sizing before purchasing, but it's cute nonetheless.

It's a real postcard, fyi.

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