Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shabby style Daybed + Cats, of course

There is a law of the land that states any clean and freshly made bed must be immediately appropriated by any fuzzy animal in the house. As you can see Smokey is making sure I comply fully with this law and not go to jail.

We bought this day bed at a garage sale years ago and it was my main bed for many years until I decided I really wanted to stretch out and have my kitties be able to sleep without getting kicked off so I bought a queen sized bed and put this away in storage. It is currently serving as my sickbed as I still find my own bed inconvenient and on really bad nights I don't want to wake others with moaning and frantic pill hunts plus I can get myself some juice or crackers, etc.

I love the colors - the quilt is new, something my mom bought while I was in the hospital and she wanted me to have fresh sheets and a quilt and be comfortable. Also...she couldn't remember where we'd put the twin sheets and it was either buy new or go bare. lol

Smokey: What on Earth do you mean you didn't just take all that effort to make the bed perfect for me?? You may have forgotten to take your medicine today, just saying... Now go fetch my catnip mouse and a brush and all will be forgotten of your little comments.

blurry pic of one of many little details I love so much they make it so vintage and pretty to me. It's my spare bed, if ever I have my studio finished...ahem, man of the house...I really want it down there so I can rest and straighten my back out like I need to in between projects.

There is no law against having two fuzzy creatures at a time on said bed, but there are times when three is too many or even two if they both try occupy spots too close to each other:

Sorry it isn't a Thanksgiving post, but I may have one tomorrow or so, I'm hoping I'm able to make some very old fashioned treats that I so adore: mincedmeat pies/tarts. They are good, really, don't let the name turn you off, no meat taste at all and I add lovely apples and raisins and my family can't get enough of them.

Actually I probably blogged before about them, but so what? It's all I'm up to making this year besides a salad for the meal. I had to beg off cooking and entertaining this year. I'm lucky and thankful that the surgery is over, if the regular schedule was followed I'd be just released and home and feeling much much worse so I'm grateful for having it over.

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