Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday: Cottage Style Bathrooms

I love the Cottage style. You could call it a Country Style, Shabby Chic, etc., but it all boils down to a few simple elements that make my heart go pitty pat:

Vintage furniture/decorations
Light and airy colors (pale pink, blue, yellow, etc.)
Various shades of white (painted furniture, bowls, shelves, etc.)
Homey touches (which some might call clutter)
Beadboard or wainscoting

All of which you can see here:

Oh how I love the idea of a large armoire in the bathroom holding towels, soap, etc. I envy people with large bathrooms where not only an armoire can fit, but maybe even a chair!

The glass jar with soaps - so cute! The vintage mirror - adorable, but whyever did they put the towel bar there and then the mirror is so high up no one can even look in it?? I like mirrors on walls simply to bounce the light off of, but a mirror like this definitely deserves to be looked into.

Cottage style can be divided also into different country styles - French, English, Swedish, etc. This French Cottage bathroom is so cute!

image from housetohome.co.uk

I absolutely could not live in a house with a modern style. So as we start to pick out things for our new bathroom (still in its gutted stage so far) we absolutely HAD to find the right vanity to suit our taste. My first thought was that I don't want the typical modern vanities on sale at nearly every hardware store or cabinet place I can think of. I want something that looks like old furniture, so I thought of using an existing dresser from our house or a flea market or something and altering it. But then my operation got moved up and our deadline is on the horizon so we swung by a hardware store just to see what they have.
At first it was the usual typical ultra boring vanities, and then super duper modern minimalist vanities...but then I saw this!

You'll have to trust me when I say in person it is even more beautiful. It definitely fit the bill of looking like a small victorian cabinet repurposed into a vanity. I was far more interested in this piece than anything else in the store. And the best news is you could upgrade it to a bigger sin Which looks like an old desk! It holds two sinks - and yet another style

So lovely! But the more I looked at it the more I thought, it's gorgeous, but it's so dark and ornate...does it really go with the Cottage style we were hoping for?? Then I saw this one:

Same company, but this one is more Cottage style and the vintage white color is just right! It also comes in larger sizes like this: And the best part is it already comes with the counter top and sink so no need to search for those things to fit it - perfect. The pictures really don't do it justice so if you'd like to see them in person you can go to the store or website and zoom in on the pictures. All cabinets are found at Lowes.

So now we must pick out flooring and tile for around the tub. I'd like a nice tan/off white stone kind, similar to the one in our kitchen backsplash. The color of the walls I'm not sure of yet. Mom likes sage green so far.

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh, I love that first picture! I think the bathroom counter you are choosing are beautiful. I think it would be really pretty with a pale aqua paint. Twyla

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