Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

Had a good weekend here. I wore my oh-so-cute petticoat skirt on Saturday and I felt rather black applish in it indeed. I wore a pink tank with it as it is hot, but also a little brown short sleeved sweater on top and my brown mary janes. So cute!! I loved it so much I decided to go out and buy the other two colors it comes in, red and brown. I'm thinking of embellishing them a bit, maybe some buttons or a little white lace added to them. Maybe some pockets...

I was feeling rather under the weather this weekend so I ended up watching a few movies to cheer me up. I watched Amelie, always a fave, but I hadn't seen it in awhile and it was extra nice to watch it again. Why can't they make good movies like this more often? Also, A Good Year (Oh, Russell Crowe, you are so sexy even goofy) and Becoming Jane (the costumes!). All very inspirational. Afterwards I put the finishing details on a painting I've been working on and I'll post a picture of it here soon. I'm so excited, it's not the first I've painted, but it is definitely the one I'm the most happy with.

Happy Monday!

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