Friday, November 21, 2008


Just a note to everyone that's read my blog and/or purchased something from my shop this year. Thank you very much! I've had a great time getting my shop opened and starting this blog this year. I've got so much more planned for the future, but for now I'm just grateful for what I have and hopeful for the future.

Here's a few of my Thanksgiving decorations.

The Indian corn garland is made by my mom. It's so cute and festive. I put some fruit and nuts in the apothecary jar (which at Halloween had skulls in it - lol) and there's a few displays of feathers and acorns up there. And even Henry VIII gets a sprig of bittersweet to decorate his frame.

And over in the window I put the Thanksgiving stacked boxes I made for my mother with a few other odds and ends. It looks so cute there. I made another set for my shop a while back (which is still for sale, by the way...) ;-)

And that's all for now - I'm getting ready to post a few new items in the shop and trying to get the house ready for Thanksgiving. I have a few great recipes I'd like to share when I get around to baking and I'll take pictures to go with them. Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Edit: Shop Update - two new items up.

Happy Friday, everyone!!


Heather said...

Oh, how pretty it all looks! So perfect for the season :)
Lol, I totally love Gabaldon's books although I'm getting a little tired of waiting for her to stop messing around with these Lord John books and finish the series already ;) I met her (for a moment) at a Scottish Games a few years ago, and when I went to Phoenix this summer I tracked down The Poisoned Pen and got a signed copy of Outlander (mine ironically fell apart when I packed it for the trip, read too many times I guess!) I am such a historical fiction snob now that I've read her books ;) Have you read any of the Sarah Donati books? The first one has a cameo of Jamie and Claire. Havent read the others though....

58 Cherries said...

Sarah Donati? No, I haven't, I'll have to give her a try. I love the Gabaldon books so much I've found it hard to find anything quite as good to read in fiction since then. I agree that she should quit messing around with the Lord John series - I do like him within the context of the Outlander series, but by himself he's not half as interesting. I also wish she didn't spend quite so much time traveling around just to sign books. I'd much rather have more books to read. ;)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Now I get to decorate for Christmas. ;)

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