Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I updated my shop and listed some new items and one relisted. The new items are just so cute - my favorite balloon animal necklace (a crazy jewelry idea, but it's so fun to wear and get comments on) and a little shabby fleur de lis canvas that is currently looking very chic on my mantel just now.

And this photo features one of my favorite Christmas prezzies, too - my very own mannequin! It's brand new rather than vintage, but mom and I have plans to 'vintage' it up ourselves courtesy of a Romantic Homes magazine example.

A close up of the little poodle at a bit of an angle:

It's made with glass beads and twisted silver wire, strung on a matching organza ribbon. So pretty! I can also make these with real pearls and in many different colors so if anyone would like to commission one, just let me know!

And the pretty fleur de lis:

And as for the Macaron Craze - I seem to be joining it. Not by eating them or making them, but by seeing them everywhere - here's a store that sells them as jewelry. You can get a necklace (as seen here) or smaller versions as earrings or a ring or even a bag charm. How funny!

I'm not quite sure I'd want to wear something that looks so much like a real food - hungry people might try to eat them. lol


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Awww! Your little balloon doggie necklace is sooo freakin' cute! What an amazingly original idea...at least, I have never seen anything like it ☺ Too bad I spent all of my money yesterday (see my blog).

The macarons are really terrific, but time-consuming. They are actually pretty easy. Follow the helpful hints that Emily gave on her blog and you should do fine. I have made them twice, and they are sooo good...but I am trying to lose weight, so I better not tempt myself right now ☺

58 Cherries said...

I'm not sure if I even like macarons so I think I'd wait to try one before making a batch. And the Black Apple paper dolls are so cute!

My post-holiday bills are making me promise to be better the next few months, too. Eek. ;)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

very cute! The macarrons...I would be tempted in a weak "I wish I was in Paris" moment.
xo Lidy

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