Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Green with Indie Show!

Hello, all - hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!! We went to the pool - aaaaah! Practically had to fish me out of the water with a net to make me leave the first day. :)

I have been behind in posting, but not quite ready with my pics yet so I just wanted to post this first - a reminder to anyone that lives in St. Louis or near enough to travel that the Green with Indie craft show is this weekend! I went last year and was in too much pain to enjoy much, but what little I saw was Fantastic! Lots of great booths packed with cool crafts and vintage things - it's all about being green with your crafting and it is so cool. It's nice to have an eco-friendly event like this - I'll be sure to try and take pictures if I can remember!

As their banner says:
Image borrowed from show's site, if you are the owner of the graphic and wish for me to remove it just let me know
- just thought it would be cute to use and help promote the show. ;)

Maybe next year I'll be able to join in and have my own booth - I'd like that! It's sponsored by the St. Louis Craft Mafia - hilarious and just a little intimidating name! :) I've been meaning to join up as I'd like to get in touch with the local crafters and artisans and I really should do that this year! They seem like a fun and creative group of people. The show is actually at my alma mater - Webster University so it's really convenient and nice to visit.
They had wonderful multi-cultural live music last time - a little loud in a gymnasium, LOL, but it was fun and great to listen to while browsing - hope they do that again! Unfortunately it is only a one day event this year instead of two so I better be sure to go right away and not miss out! It's June 5th - all details available on the links I provided. If you are going to be in town, nearby or a local - be sure to check it out!


Elle said...

I love reading your blog! It is inspiring and was actually the frist blog i started reading on a regular basis - my list is always growing!!
I just wanted to say I have had a shit day and been in a frump ever since i got out of bed - but your little photo disclaimer had me laughing out loud!!

58 Cherries said...

Thanks! :) I'm glad I brightened your day a bit - hope it improves. I certainly know what a really bad day is like. It's great to have so many wonderful blogs out there to cheer us up, isn't it? Cheaper, and quite frankly better, than any magazine or book sometimes. My blog list keeps me sane and happy and comments really make my day. :)

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