Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lazy Summer Daze - I mean Days...

I've been absent far too long, sorry! Part of it was lazy HOT summer days and little energy to do much and then I went on a little vacation last week. It was a business trip to the Ozarks and while I was really hesitant to go, I did end up enjoying a road trip and some shopping, so it was actually quite nice. ;)

I was really grumbling at first...not in the mood to go, but then I saw the bluest skies and the prettiest green trees - and well, you can't stay in a bad mood for long after that. Just look how we're getting ready here to drive down into the lush greenery ahead!

I wish I could show pictures of cute places we stopped at, but we were flying down the highway with no time to stop as there was a meeting that very day we had to make and nearly 4 hours of driving to do before we got there. So, I don't have pictures of the St. James winery, or any of the vineyards we passed, it's little known, but Missouri does quite a bit of wine making. I even would have been glad to stop for a minute to stretch my legs and check out The World's Largest Rocking Chair' at one point. LOL But sadly, we flew past that as well.
I didn't even manage to get pictures of the horses or cows we passed, and even once - an Emu farm! Instead, I have a picture of a field of rolled up hay:

Exciting, I know. ;) It was soooo hot last week. We were swimming through the air when we got out of the car. Ugh. Still, we stayed at a rather nice place - the Tan-Tar-A Resort. Lots of boats and an indoor water park, pools, horseback riding, etc.
Our view was amazing:

And every day we could see people parasailing soooo high in the sky!! They are far braver than I!!

The view must be amazing, but I'll never know, I'm a chicken.

Anyway, the resort was nice, but the best part was the huge Outlet Mall there - I bought so much stuff! I'll have to take a pic of my new purse - I just love it! We also had the best BBQ ever at a place called Wobbly Boots. Great ribs and a really delicious baked potato soup I wish I could get in St. Louis. Mmmm...
That's all for now, but I'll be sure to post regularly again. Hope you all are doing well!

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