Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Shopping and a Party, too.

Yes, the Halloween craze continues...
Good news for Halloween nuts like me - Target is back just about as great as ever for the holiday. They expanded their section - as big as their Christmas display - about time! I drooled over all the new stuff and just couldn't help buying a few new things to add to my collection. (I'm bad...)
First up - a fantastic tablecloth!!
From here.

Here's a close up detail of mine:

They don't have any available online, but they had them in the store, but very few so if you want one I'd grab it fast! They had other cute tablecloths, but I just love the cool fonts here - it looks even better in person. My only complaint is it doesn't come for a round table, only oblong, oh well.

Also too cute to miss - these salad 'tongs':

Guess I'm making a salad now for Halloween because these are too funny not to use.

And not to be missed - Miss Vanessa's Halloween Party!

I'll be having a little party here, too, of course. :)

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