Monday, November 21, 2011

Shabby Sheep Custom Order

I got a request for a custom order awhile back that I found tremendously flattering - it seems that a customer who had purchased a Shabby Sheep canvas from me had a mother who loved the same canvas so much she'd taken it home with her! Instead of just requesting I make another for her - she decided she wanted 3 more!

As requested, I made a grouping with all the same details (background, French text, sheep plus crow, etc.), but slightly altered. It took me far longer than I thought it would, but this is what I finally produced:

Listing found HERE

It's kind of hard to see the details except close up - two of the sheep have extra texture to their woolly coats and one is complete mirror image, while one is simply the crow mirrored.

I had the devil's own time trying to get my stamping to work right and had to paint and repaint and stamp, repaint and restamp and stencil, etc. until I was pulling my hair out. They look super simple, but that can be so deceiving, can't it? I ended up making four when one of them simply wasn't good enough and it would take longer to repaint the whole thing rather than start from scratch. I think they turned out nice, though - don't you? I've posted it up on my shop and I'm crossing my fingers it meets with her approval.

It's a dreary overcast day - makes me want to curl up back into bed.

ETA: And SOLD already. :) If you are interested in a similar set or something custom made feel free to comment here or convo me at etsy!

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