Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Whale of a Time - Summer Inspiration - Happy Hump(back whale) Day!

I love whales and in the summer I love seeing new items out there that are inspiring...
First up - a beautiful bottle opener!  How cute is this??
There there are these really cool items for kids' rooms:

Which unfortunately Pottery Barn Kids no longer has in stock, but you could always check out Ebay
Then there is some delightful fabric at spoonflower:

Simple, but so cute.  Available here.

This is more pirate themed, but with cute whales, pirate ships and mermaids - who could resist?  Available here
And Spoonflower has a lot more whale themed fabric so look there for more!
And last, but not least - a great artist that makes really beautiful whale art - here are a few of my favorites:

His name is Greg Pezzoni - google for more great art!!
And that's it for this post, but I have another big Etsy update coming up son - plenty of new items in the shop - please check them out!!  ;)
Happy Hump(back whale) day!  Sorry, couldn't resist.


cherries said...

Love the whales! Nice collection< reminds me of vacation

Chasity said...


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