Friday, November 8, 2013

New Fairy Houses - Shop Update - Music and French Book Paper - Great Christmas Gifts and Decor

Hi, the last set of Fairy Houses sold out of the Medium sized FAST so I am putting up the next batch I have ready.  Only one medium sized one this time (last time I put two up and they sold together super fast), but I'm working on one other.  It will be a French house, but for now - here are two more Sheet Music houses and one more small French house being put up in my shop today and tomorrow...

The largest house in the middle is a beautiful house made of Brahms Sheet Music - It has his name in the upper right corner and Opus 117.  It's music inspired by a Scottish folk song.  It has many beautiful details.  Check out the listing HERE in my shop for more.

The smaller house was made with paper from the same book - they look adorable together.

Here I added the other small French house to the grouping, but there is also another medium French house with a red roof and black shutters available in my shop, too.  So be sure to check out my other listings for more. 

And I thought it would be cute to take a photo of the three small houses together.  Three little piggies could live in them...  ;)
So be sure to check my shop as I add the other houses.  I am making just one more house right now (medium sized French house) and I might add another one or two if the demand is high, but these are so much work and I have a lot of other items to work on so these will remain limited in number as usual.  Snatch them up while you can! 

Remember:  each one is unique - I use only real antique sheet music and book paper - I make no photocopies - they are each unique and all hand painted, antiqued all over, sealed with a matte finish.  They make GREAT gifts or Christmas displays or year round decor.  They are even cuter in person and every time I sell one it hurts to give it up.  I've yet to keep one for myself as I always want to make them available to customers as I don't make many, but one of these days I really will have to promise one for myself.  :)

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