Monday, November 24, 2014

Shabby Chic Holiday Decor and Etsy Updates

Even as I ready last minute Thanksgiving details, I can't help but turn to the next holiday.  I've been decorating already and, of course, added a few things to my shop.

My little French house...

I swore I'd keep this house for myself, but I can never help putting things up in my shop no matter how much I want it so it is for Sale.  Available in my shop.

I've made plenty of Silhouette ornaments in the past, but the little white tree I had was woefully inadequate to display them on.  I bought a much bigger one to better show them on.  I'm still fiddling with the tree, but here's a first look:

I've added a lot of new kinds of ornaments this year - some framed, some paper mache.  Different sizes and shapes, different backgrounds, etc.  It makes for an eclectic mix on one tree, yet rather interesting, too.  I'm selling them in pairs or alone for the most part. 

This is the first set of new ornaments I added a few weeks ago to my shop. 
They are available HERE.
They are Frames that are ornaments - beautiful to see in person. 
Check out the details:

 They look lovely together or apart.  Add a touch of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy to your tree...


Or if your favorite Austen novel is's the perfect ornament for you!

This ornament has Chapter 1 page on one side - you can read the beginning of the novel on it. 

A Parisian Set of Silhouette Ornaments:


I put the Eiffel Tower and an Antique Typewriter on the backs.  So cute!!


I'm not done adding new ornaments to the shop - here's a quick photo of what I have ready to go up.
I'll post more when I can...Happy Holidays!!

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