Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

I'm craving snow right now, but the weather keeps yoyo-ing back and forth between cold and warm and we've only had little flurries so far. But that isn't the only part of a white Christmas I like. When I was younger I liked to decorate with bold dark colors, but the last five years or so I've turned to a lighter taste - mostly shabby chic. I love shades of white, vintage off-white mixed with crisper cooler whites, shades of light pink, etc. So it's little wonder that my Christmas decorations are starting to reflect that, too.
I've decorated most of the house with the traditional green and red decorations, but my bedroom is still a haven to the lighter shabby side of the holidays. Just check out my little white tree - got it at Target last year and I decided it goes best on top of my dresser just now.

I still haven't found quite the ornaments I want, but for now I found some cute vintagey colored ones at Kmart last year. They'll do for now. Mostly what I'd like to do is decorate it with small mercury glass ornaments and maybe some handmade ornaments that give it a more shabby french feel.

And I've been busy decorating my bookshelves, too - I used two of my music houses (the little one is on Etsy already and the big one will be by tomorrow) and a few little decorations we had - the little picket fences and wreaths are just too cute. Plus the large bottle brush trees are a great find from Jo Anne Fabrics last year.


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Those houses/fences/trees are adorable! I have been tempted by them, but I have yet to get the rest of my decor out (except for the tree ornaments). I better get my butt on it!

Maybe you will have some snow by Monday. It is always a bit warmer down your way than ours, and we have had accumulation a handful of times so far. I think a big storm is supposed to be headed this way early next week ☺

58 Cherries said...

Oh, yes - an ice storm is possible by Monday! Ayieee! Not what I'm hoping for. Did you hear about the poor folks in New Hampshire without power??? I hope that doesn't happen here again so soon!

As for decorating - I was behind, too, but I think I'm done now - finally stashed the last of the boxes back in the basement until I pack them away. Whew! It's so much WORK.

I have garland and lights on my banister and the fireplace, a 10 foot real tree lit and decorated, some decorations throughout the house and finally I can think about starting Christmas cookies soon.

Now if the ice storm will just cooperate and leave us with power I'll be so happy.

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