Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shopping Finds

There's nothing I love more than finding a little treasure when I'm shopping - something that just screams - take me home! Well, here I have two great finds I'm enjoying right now.
First, this lovely canvas/vintage photo. I've long been in love with vintage photos, especially panoramic photos. You know the kind, a large class photo or group photo of some special interest or achievement. I've seen a few in my favorite restaurants and even came across one in a flea market, but the picture wasn't quite good qualitywise and falling apart and didn't have that 'something' that makes it intruiging to stare at. But then one day I was out shopping and found this:

Granted it isn't the original - it's a canvas print, but what's great about that is the quality of the photo is perfect and I have no need to have a frame specially made! It's stretched and mounted on the frame and ready to hang or sit on a shelf. And right now it is sitting on a shelf in my upstairs bathroom. These bathing beauties of the twenties are just so cute! They all have different outfits and if you look closely there are kids crowding around and peeking through their legs! You could stare at this loooong photo for ages finding details and find something new you missed before. They had another one with ladies dressed up in coats and hats, etc. Now I wish I'd bought it, too, but the swimsuits in this one just grabbed my attention. It's three feet long!

Just look at those outfits, the parasols, the knee highs and shoes! To think, this is just a little part of the photo...

And another fantastic find - my new typewriter. I've been wanting one in my room so I mentioned to my mother that I'd like to find a small one to put on my bookshelf and just look what she and my dad stumbled upon at an estate sale last weekend!

It's small, it's in good condition (just needs some rubber feet on the bottom and screw in one little part) and the best part...RED! Whoa! I just saw a little picture of a part of someone's typewriter about a week ago and said I'd never seen a red typewriter before and wouldn't it be cool to find one. And then we did. Wow! The Vintage Fairy must be listening to me! And this sale? Was on my street. I kid you not. My dream typewriter was living just a few houses away from me the whole time. We even bought another typewriter they had, but it isn't half as interesting to look at, but the white keys are in fantastic shape so we're going to take them off and use them for jewelry. (My mother makes earrings and bracelets from typewriter keys)
So I better be ready this Saturday to do some more estate sale shopping. Maybe I'm pressing my luck expecting another great find so soon, but you'll never know if you don't get out there.
And don't forget - the giveaway winner will be announced this Thursday - if you haven't signed up do so fast!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

That is awesome! I have a really cool, old typewriter at my parents house. I remember in jr. high I was learning to type (I think they start in kindergarten now!), and I sat at my typewriter and worked on typing the phonebook for practice! LOL We paid $5 at a flea market, and I am really wanting to bring it home, with everyone on the 'net having such awesome vintage ones like it displayed ☺

This weekend, for Vday, me and hubby are going up to IA City shopping. I am sooo looking forward to GoodWill. We have a small Salvation Army here, but all of the vintage stuff they mark WAY high (and put "vintage" on the tag, like that makes it more special), and they hoard the other good stuff for themselves :P

Kasey said...

o.k., i want that red typewriter. i need it. really.
love it.

Hope Ellington said...

I love the red type writer. I have never seen red before either.

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