Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello, Spring

I've missed you so.

The stone rabbit in my window has been watching carefully for the signs...

The peach tree is blooming - and soon will be full of little fuzzy green baby peaches. I've developed an allergic reaction to the peaches at the grocery store, it may be the sulfites they spray on them to preserve them, so we decided to grow our own and they taste so sweet and fresh from the tree. Unfortunately something got into them last year and gobbled them up overnight. This year I will be better prepared with some nets over it.

Ye Olde Birdhouse. The magnolia tree next door is blooming, too.

Spring cleaning in my kitchen - the cabinets are still not finished as they are still lacking doors, but they look nice anyway.

Miniature daffodils from my garden and my favorite raspberry bowl. Spring is such a wonderful fresh start. Tomorrow I head off to an Indie Green Craft Fair and some estate sales.

Have a great weekend!!


Mademoiselle Julie said...

Love the bird house - your creation? Love that your building your own shelves, too! Cheers, Julie

58 Cherries said...

The birdhouse was a great find at a Big Lots, I think. Of all places! It's really cute and rather victorian.

And yes, we are a do it yourself family. We bought a broken down old house with LOTS of work needed and we redid the downstairs kitchen and then decided a kitchen in the basement was really really inconvenient so we added a second kitchen to the main floor and my father makes every cabinet from scratch and a really pretty island, etc. and I do all the sanding, painting, antiquing, etc. We all helped with design from favorite magazines and books and we also redid the dining room to make it a library, too with huge full wall of built in beautiful shelves that look like they were always there.

We also made a white picket fence our neighbors envy. Each piece was a LOT of work and then painting the whole thing like three or four coats laid out on the driveway in the summer heat. It was soooo much work and people thought we were crazy (myself included), but well worth it. The house is still in-progress and likely will be for many years.

Mademoiselle Julie said...

Holy smokes - this is beyond the fixer-upper I once owned! It was a lot a fun too though; we tore down walls & put new ones up, redid the bathroom w/lots of marble (not my choice but it looked nice), flooring etc. – but my fav of all things we did were the larger windows we added throughout & the kitchen. So far that was a true dream kitchen I was able to cook in for a while. Maybe you can post some pix of your work in progress, or have I missed them? Cheers, Julie

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