Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ma Petite Mason

I bought an old French text at a book fair last summer and I just love the look of it on the house. The roof is a robin's egg blue with shades of sage green and linen colors sponged on it for an aged and textured look. I also added shutters and a little pink door with a vintage white button for the doorknob. So cute! I wish I could move right in. ;) It's up on my Etsy shop right now. I also altered one of my canvases.

The dream butterflies are stamped on two different vintage music papers. They continue the monochromatic feel of the canvas, but add a bit of interest, at least to me. Also available at my etsy store and I have some more spring/summer items on the way.


If you haven't already - today is the last day to bid on the Du Buh Du shrine with the Frida doll. (It's the very first listing - you can't miss it) I so wish I could afford this myself, it's so beautiful. I must content myself with looking at the picture over and over. ;)


Julie Bou├ęsso said...

Great job on the new house! You've got me inspired to create one myself - Key West Style. Probably b/c I am in & love Florida... Will share w/you if you care. Cheers, Julie

58 Cherries said...

Sure - share a pic when you finish! I have relatives living in Key West. They live on Big Pine Key.

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

I LOVE that house!!!!! I adore the one I got from you last year!! xoxo

58 Cherries said...

Thank you, it's my favorite, too. So cheerful and light with little details to look for.

I'm so glad you like the one you bought. ;)

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