Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yoyo Crazed

My mother and I have been hooked on making yoyo's the past year or two. My aunt Mae got us onto it and it really is a nice simple thing to do when you're sick or can't do anything strenuous (like me with my back problem). We work on it off and on, but we are slowly working our little pieces into some pillows. This one is all in shades of tourquois-y robin's egg blue, brown and off-white. Originally my mom was going to put this in her room, but then we realized it has all the colors of our living room and looks great on the couch so we'll likely put it in there.

So cute! The letter fabric and the brown polka dot fabric are my favorites.

And then this one is my project - I took the next size down yoyo (we have at least four different sizes at the moment) and I have quite a few of the same fabrics, but accented with some soft pink fabrics.

They look much cuter in person. They will likely end up as a small bed pillow. Again, it features my lovely letter fabric - I just love letters and numbers in decorating. I wish I had some dishes with big black numbers on them, but I've yet to find any I like available for purchase.

And only one picture of my other project turned out okay, but this is just the start of a tabletop centerpiece with even smaller yoyo's (the smallest yoyo's aren't much use at the moment being teeny tiny little things). It'll have lots of different colors, blues, reds, pinks, greens, white, etc. I'm making it similar to the great one my aunt made for my grandmother. I really must get a good picture of her because it is so cute.

Anyone else yoyo crazed?


~ ennui ~ said...

I love yoyos! and you letter fabric IS have a sweet blog here.

58 Cherries said...

Thank you!! I'm so glad that someone else loves yoyos - I was beginning to think I was alone. lol

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