Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Few Spring Touches

Just a little fyi and etsy update. I've posted a few items at my shop - the French house with shutters in my earlier post, a new improved version of a Lit House with a red roof:

(I just love the floral front door and button doorknob)

And also a new item - a spring keepsake box with scalloped edges, vintage paper, assorted bits and pieces on the lid, a little surprise on the inside and antiqued with robin's egg blue paint.


Julie Bou├ęsso said...

I love your houses, Nicki! Went to a "country" store today where I saw houses made out of wood & "Made in China". What a bummer those prices where, let me tell you! I treasure art pieces made by people like me & you LOCALLY with a heart & passion vs. overseas made by kids for $1/an hour or so - over exaggerating, or am I?! Just so sad. Still have to work on my very first though... Cheers, Julie

58 Cherries said...

Thank you! I totally agree, the handmade, one of a kind item is so much more fun and intruiging.

I love how etsy encourages homemade crafts and vintage finds. Far more interesting to browse through than most stores these days.

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