Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shop Update

Just a note that I've posted a few things in my shop and will be posting more over the rest of today. It can be exhausting trying to take decent pictures of my items - getting the lighting right and not letting my shakey hands ruin the shot, not to mention working on a verrrry slow laptop. I managed to get just two items up so far, here's a glimpse:

A keepsake box, because they are sooo much fun to make. I used pages from a vintage french book, stenciled a silhouette and painted some jewelry on her and added a little crown - voila, tres chic, no?

And the other item is from my obsessive love of all things Tudor. A bracelet featuring the six wives of Henry VIII.

This little detail photo has young Katherine of Aragon and her bitter rival, Anne Boleyn.

This beautiful bracelet was made by my mother (after much whining and nagging by me). She was making typewriter bracelets with Beatrix Potter images (she's as obsessed with Peter Rabbit as I am with Henry's six wives) and I kept begging for a bracelet with the Tudor wives on it until she made me a few. ;) The bracelets take a LOT of work - just preparing the old keys takes a lot of cleaning, grinding and hard work, not to mention the portrait glass keys are very rare and hard to alter. But the end result is so worth it, I think.

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Susan said...

Love the bracelet!

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