Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Etsy Update!

Just an update on a few things I've added to the shop:

A cute little box

The box has been papered with vintage french book paper and then stenciled with the young girl stencil. I just love it on a shelf amongst my vintage finds. It looks so sweet there.

A Paris sign -
I chose the 1889 date for the year the Eiffel Tower was made. I really love the fleur de lis and the font I stenciled was 17th century style.

And here is the last of the framed silhouettes. If you've been eyeing them now is the time to snatch them up. I have to look for some more frames. The only other one still available is the Prim Dress print.


I stenciled these on a sheet of vintage music paper - I think they look best side by side so you can see they are on one sheet and the music is continuous. A very sweet pair and so very Austen style - the high collar on the gentleman is one of my favorites. Very Mr. Darcy.
And I have some very special items coming up for sale soon - just need to post them tomorrow.

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