Monday, June 8, 2009


I have been a good little girl shoppingwise the last few months so I decided to splurge just a little this last week on items I just had to have. I consider them late birthday presents...and early Christmas presents.

One, for the summer days - a little pendant to wear:

I've been wanting this for over a year now so I thought I'd treat myself. The flapper era girl in an old fashioned swim suit just looks so cute! I got this from ArtsNcharms.

And the big purchase - a doll from Du Buh Du Dolls!!

I knew as soon as I saw this doll I had to try my best to get it. Can you believe the detail in the face?? How does she paint so well on such a tiny surface?? My doll looks like $&%* next to that. She is amazing!

I woke up early Saturday and paced around the room waiting for eight o'clock to approach and then with three minutes to spare I decided I had to go to the faster computer downstairs so I ran down the stairs and frantically refreshed the browser until the doll showed up and then raced to get it in my cart, log onto paypal and pay it before I lost it...I was so excited I was shouting at my computer, faster, faster - come on move it! I had to check three times that it actually had gone through and the doll was definitely mine before I believed it. Whew! Now I will eagerly wait by the mailbox for it to arrive and hound and harass my mailman until I get it. ;) I will treasure this doll for sure - thank you, Christine, for making such beautiful dolls!

And then, I realized I don't have Like Water for Chocolate on DVD, only a bad copy saved on video, so I decided to buy it on Amazon (a steal for only 6.99 just in case anyone else wants to buy one). So as I was looking around on the site I discovered my favorite author, Diana Gabaldon, has finally finished another book and An Echo in the Bone comes out September 22nd! Yay! I love her books and I have reread her last one to death and can repeat it by heart by now so of course I had to preorder that book, too. LOL

I'm done shopping now! Don't tempt me any further shopping gods! But then, I was a good little consumer, wasn't I? I stimulated the economy like they tell us to do so that makes it okay, right? Of course it does... At least I can console myself that I bought two handmade items and supported two fellow artists so really it IS a good thing. Amazon doesn't need my help quite as much, but I'm sure they appreciate it.

Tell me, what treasures have you bought or are saving up for now?

Edited to add: Wow, my doll came today already! Super fast shipping, thanks, Christine!! It's even more beautiful in person. The quality of the doll and the size is just amazing. I can't stop looking at it. ;)


Brooke said...

Hey, So I just ran into your blog and wanted to say hi. I love that doll, holy moly! So detailed!

58 Cherries said...

Hi, the doll is so pretty, isn't she? The details are amazing in person. The eyes look so real.

Christine said...

Thank you Nicki for mentioning my doll! I am so happy you were able to "adopt her";) As for that pendant~I want that! Wishing you a wonderful weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I just 'found' your blog---I like it, I like it!

I also adore DubuhDu's dolls. I think her outfits are genius.

Diana Gabaldon is my favorite author, too. I'm rereading all of the Outlander series. I'm almost through with "Fiery Cross" for the 2nd time. I can't WAIT for the new one. Gosh---will it be the last, though? That makes me feel nervous.

I look forward to checking in on here---what fun!

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