Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This and That

The weather keeps changing on me and today it is so cool and breezy I think I'll try to bake cookies today before it gets hot again. I've been working on a few more shop things which will be up sometime soon. I've got a few more houses to put up (just sold the little Prim French house and shipped it out today) and also some new silhouettes on vintage paper backgrounds.

These are all on wood, antiqued and sealed with a notch in the back for hanging, though I think they also look cute on a bookshelf:

I've also worked on Christmas ornaments. Those will be up maybe in September, October - I'll be in the hospital for November and I want to make sure they are shipped out before then.

I've also been working on the side to make a little doll for myself. Christina of Du Buh Du Designs is so talented and creative and I've been drooling over her dolls. I still hope to catch one for myself, but until then I thought it would be fun to work with sculpey and make a small version of my own. Here it is after I baked it:

Not much to look at so far, I know, but I'm still busy painting it and I haven't made her face yet - which is the hardest part. I also gave her a kitty to keep her company. ;) She's rather flawed, but as a first time attempt so far it's been fun.


susan said...

i'm a dollmaker and also drool over Christina's dolls. have you finished this one yet?

58 Cherries said...

Not yet - still working on painting the face - I made her so small I'm having a devil of a time! LOL It'll take me quite a bit of practice before my dolls look decent.

Christine said...

She's looking pretty good Nicki~hang in there!! I should show you my very first doll which I still have and haven;t shown before I made it after seeing a craft show featuring Dame Darcy. I tried making her from memory. I kind of cringe when I look at her now~I was so proud of her at the the but I keep her in my studio as a reminder of how far I've progressed :) Happy dollmaking! (cute cat!)

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