Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anybunny seen this?

Have you seen this rabbit toile wallpaper?? I've been searching for it high and low ever since we first spotted this on some wallpaper site and failed to buy it.

Now I wish I'd snatched it up - all I have is this really bad image of it. *sigh*

I'm not really big on wallpaper actually up on my walls as I figure I'll get tired of it or find it too repetitive. What I'd really like is to paper a room with vintage sheetmusic or old maps or find some wallpaper that looks like elegant old handwriting all over the walls. I've yet to find a decent example of that, though. Sometimes I'm tempted to paper a wall with all the beautiful scrapbooking papers I have. Why do those seem prettier than anything I can find at a wallpaper store??

Anybody got a really cool wallpaper picture or link to share??

1 comment:

Mercine said...

Hi! I have an alternative to wallpaper will is actually
more wall friendly. If you can find a toile fabric that you like and use a liquid starch to "wallpaper" it on
to the wall. Dip fabric into plastic pail, Put on wall
and smooth with hand/fingers/wall paper tools. This
will dry and look like dry fabric on your wall. When
you get tired of it all you do is peel it off and there is
no residue on the wall. Even renters could do this.

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