Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Dose of Austen...

does help the medicine go down. And for an insomniac to sleep. I'm unfortunately keeping my poor family up in the wee hours of the morning and they've found that putting in a movie tends to make me drift off easier - such as Persuasion. My mother put it on and before Anne and Captain Wentworth met again I was out like a light. LOL Also helps to make the weird pain killer dreams less creepy. I've had quite a few nightmares the past few weeks.

So at the moment I'm trying Austen again as far as Sense and Sensibility, but no luck so far - instead I'm fascinated with the wall hangings and carpets, furniture, costumes, Miss Marianne making Willhoughby's silhouette, etc.

It really woke up my creative side again and I am simply DYING to finish my Christmas ornaments I'd started way back in early spring in time to sell them on my blog. I'll have to ask someone to drag one of our little trees upstairs to display and manage to sit at my table long enough to finish them, but I am so very determined to do so. :)

And now I'm awake enough to visit blogs so off I go to blog hop before falling back to dreamland. And if that doesn't do it I'll picture Edward and Elinor riding past sheep instead of just counting them.


Hope Ellington said...

Just checking in on you...hope you are continuing to heal and feel better. You are in my prayers!

58 Cherries said...

Still hanging in there, but recovery is like two steps forward and then one or two steps back depending on the day. I've just come through a spell of terrible nausea and lack of eating, but an adjustment of medicine and possibly recovering from a bit of flu seems to have helped today. Thank goodness. Unfortunately I'm still very very limited and need more time to recover strength and even more importantly flexibility. I can't touch my feet at all and can't turn or twist in any way. I'm ramrod straight and it is very very hard to sleep as I only have one position to sleep in and I get all cramped up and stiff.

All complaining aside I can now get up and down stairs with a cane and a great deal of patience (not to mention watchful eyes lest I fall and do myself great damage)so that's something. I've also recovered my height and posture and can take long showers (whilst sitting on a bench). But oh, to take a bubble bath and soak away this rainy achey weather would be a DREAM. lol

Thank you so much for your concern. It really cheers me up to know I'm not forgotten completely. I know there must be terribly exciting things going on in blogland, but I've been so wiped out I'm rather out of the loop. :)

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