Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ode to Halloween

First to set the scene - a dark and stormy morning. The loud thunder is creeping my poor dog out, but it is certainly an awfully appropriate first day of October.

Another sign of Halloween approaching...
The black kitty appears behind the tiny village.

Suddenly a giant pumpkin appears on my front porch bench!!

And upon my brand new Gabaldon book that arrived just the other day (and is sadly way too heavy for me to pick up with this back of mine!!) another pumpkin appears, this time with a wicked loooong stem! Ooooh!

And then amongst the sugar and flour - a vintagey black kitty container appears just begging for some candy corn to fill it! ;)
Any signs of Halloween in your home yet?? I haven't even gotten out my decorations yet, but now that I'm feeling better I plan to do that very very soon!

PS Just FYI, I actually FELL out of my bed in the wee hours of the morning - right onto hardwood floor. Luckily it was more of a half awake scrambled slide and I didn't do myself permanent damage or need to go to the hospital or anything (cross your fingers). It took a long time, but I finally summoned help and made it back on my feet with a lot of work and some curse words. October sure is here with a bang. I last fell badly a few days from Halloween last year (and hurt myself very badly indeed that time), perhaps the month is cursed for me. I better stay on my toes!! :) On the plus side? I'm needing my walker a little less each day and getting by with a cane or sometimes tottering around like an unstable toddler. Baby steps, literally. LOL

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