Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it too Owly?

It's not quite Halloween, but my owl collection wanted to make itself known.
This little garage sale find sits on my mantle.

Another garage sale find sits in one of my geranium pots.

This scary realistic owl sits on my dining room chandelier and can give you a start if you've forgotten it's there.

And of course my little owl on my kitchen towel from Target last year:

And if you're looking for ultra cute baby owlets these are on my heating pad right now. I needed a quick replacement and the fabric was handy and oh so cute. This heating pad is getting lots of use lately. Especially with all this cold rainy weather - boy do I ache.

And that's all for now, I'm totally disoraganized and too tired and in pain to do much this holiday, sad to say. I went in to my post-op follow up and everything's going well. If only I could find an in door pool to exercise in, though. It has to be one that is easy to get into as I'm still healing.
Happy Halloween, fellow witches and ghouls!! Can't wait for Saturday. It's supposed to be good weather, but I'm pessimistic.

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