Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shop Open Again!

New items coming soon. Please be patient I'm still limited in strength, stamina and flexibility. It's making it hard just to get through the day much less work on my blog and shop. But I want to thank, once again, those who were so kind to comment and encourage me. Every little bit helps, especially on the bad days. And to my family - I could never have gotten through this without you - I am truly blessed. Love to you all!! And Happy Halloween season - I had my boxes of Halloween decorations hauled out and my heart skipped a beat - how I do LOVE this season. :)
ETA: Wow, I made a super fast sale as soon as my shop went back up. Thanks!!! Most of my items expired during my absence and I've renewed some of them and am now working on new items so be sure to check back.

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