Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a brand new start and a new year with hope in your hearts. I am personally looking forward to a year with less pain, enjoying a straight back, a hope of being able to take a trip sometime this year as I haven't been able to in so long. Finally, having a studio in which to work in and not an overloaded little table stuffed with junk in the living room in which to work on and to truly be able to create some of the things I've been longing to for so long. And of course I wish for greater success in my shop, but even when I sell just one thing once in awhile I get so excited. :) Thank you to everyone's comments on it and their patronage - I am truly happy when I get feedback that someone loved their item or they gave it as a gift and it was well received. I can only hope to do better.
But my greatest wish for this New Year is that our economy and state of the world in general improves. I have no naive ideals in world peace happening anytime soon, but a little bit of peace in certain parts of the world would be greatly appreciated by us all.

I also wish for good health and happiness to my friends and family. I wish this for everyone that reads this and a toast to all you wonderful readers and especially those of you who comment - thank you for your support it keeps me going. And I also wish good luck to other shop and blog owners and those thinking of starting new ones in this new year. I know of a few who expressed wishes to do so soon and I hope they get the courage to do so this year.

Good Luck, everyone!

Happy New Year, Everyone - here's to 2010!!!

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