Saturday, April 10, 2010

Looking For the Bright Side

My grandmother's in the hospital right now after surgery on her colon today. It didnt go well - they took out more than they intended and still didn't get the polyps or anything bad and opened her up more to explore and still were frustrated so this probably means more surgery in the future and maybe bad consequences. She's still too out of it to know much and so we're worried how she'll react tomorrow when she knows what happened and what will happen in the future. I feel terrible for her and exhausted with such little sleep and worry. So... I decided to post some more pretty spring photos I took the other day to cheer me up.

First up - one of my many gernaiums I kept indoors all winter - it's huge and beautiful:
...and happy to be outside.
A carpet of wild violets around a stone stepping stone - so pretty and rustic. A view looking down from my porch to the side garden:
I think Fairies must live here...

My Dogwood bloomed, so pretty, and this is right after we had a quick and torrential rainstorm. The sun came out and I just had to take some pictures.
Such a pretty shade of pink even though Ithink they called it red at the store.

The sun shining through the delicate petals was just so peaceful and pretty...
And just in case you wondered whatever happened to that bench pew I was painting before my operation - I didn't quite finish, but with me coming home from surgery months ago and needing hall space, my dad put it outside ad it rather looks nice on the porch, though it needs protective outdoor covering.

So hope everyone has a Happy Weekend - I'll be at the hospital at least some of the time, but otherwise I hope to enjoy the warm weather and pretty flowers. Enjoy every minute!

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