Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One of those days...

It's just one of those days...it's bitterly cold outside and I feel so crummy. A headache, tummy ache...just about everything-ache. I woke up and saw that Smokey was sleeping so soundly in his basket. He looks so peaceful and snuggly in his warm bed that I'm tempted to go back to my own bed and do the same.

It's the kind of day that makes you want to curl up with a good book.

My father built me this set of bookshelves above my desk. I have another bookcase in my bedroom, but this one is for my favorite books on my favorite subjects - history and art. They are mostly on my favorite period of all - the Tudor Age. I have just about every good book on Henry VIII and his wives. I study it constantly and am always looking for new books on them.

And old books on them. I collect vintage books in general, but I get really excited if they are on the Tudors. I got two 'new' vintage books on Henry VIII for Christmas. I then went out and bought a few more with my Christmas money.
You could say I'm a bit obsessed. I also have French history books, too. Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV are also interesting people and periods in history. I have a few knickknacks that go along with the theme. An iron Fleur de Lis I'm using as a bookend...
And a golden lion (ancient symbol of kings) as another bookend.

Little things like that make me happy. Now I need to pick a book to read and curl up in bed. ;)

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