Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Monday

I had a great weekend despite a terrible spring snow storm. We got 5+ inches of snow and sleet, but we didn't let it stop us from going out to eat lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant on Saturday...Mmmm... Then we stopped at the used bookstore up the street. They have fabulous vintage books - some really beautiful ones to drool over. Then afterwards we stopped by the Italian store on The Hill that we've been going to for decades. We stocked up on feta cheese, kalamata olives and fresh baked bread. Also bought some phyllo dough and walnuts to make some baklava later this week. Yum! I puttered around my studio and this little vignette my father made in the corner caught my eye as it sometimes does...I had no idea we had so many anvils! LOL He's a carpenter and has quite a collection. I also thought this view of my desk looked sweet...A little French Literary house, vintage buttons in jars, my collection of vintage sheet music can just be seen on the right on little shelves, etc. I took a few pictures of my blooming garden last week when it was so nice - 80 degrees and sunny!! Hard to believe since it is now in the 30's and snow everywhere! My cherry tree was blossoming and now there are tiny pink buds on my peach tree, too. I fear the hard freeze they predict tonight might mean no peaches this summer.

And the mint was poking up. I'm less fearful for it - it's quite hardy and like a weed. I love adding mint to my Greek salads in the summer.
Oh well, despite the snow - and more coming in a few days, I had a great weekend.

Sunday we were tired and wanting to go to a movie or something, but none of the ones out seemed to appeal to all of us so we ended up getting a few dvds instead. I made popcorn (so much better homemade, anyway) and we ate licorice and had a good time at home.

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