Monday, March 28, 2011

Etsy Update - I'm just getting started...

I'm updating my Etsy shop - I'm changing the appearance, organization and I'll be adding a lot of items. First up are some new pendants - vintage sheet music and a few more rabbits from the French Unicorn Tapestries...

Rabbit pendant at upper righthand side - SOLD

Music pendant bottom lefthand side - SOLD

This is the first pendant up, I love the look of a simple piece of music on a black ribbon, gives it vintage charm.

Each pendant will be one of a kind as they are made from genuine vintage sheet music - no copies.

But I'm also listing it with a silver chain in case some people like to change it up a bit.

And for Easter I made a set of 9 ornaments with silhouettes in pastel colors. I love how they look all together so instead of selling them individually or in small sets I put them all together.

They are all hung with the same white gossamer ribbon. The great thing about these is you can use them as ornaments for a branch tree on your Easter table or you can use them as tags for your Easter baskets and gifts or use as placeholders on the table, make them doorknob hangers, etc. And you can write your friends and family names on them or maybe name them characters from Jane Austen novels like Mr. Darcy, Captain Wentworth, Marianne, Emma, Elizabeth, etc. Some of the prettier silhouettes repeat in different colors, but overall you get quite a variety, each ornament has two different silhouettes, one on each side, they provide some versatility in displaying them.

I took some pictures outside after the snow melted and the sun was shining...unfortunately the wind was blowing pretty bad so it was impossible to get great pictures.

Just an idea of how pretty they look in the sunshine on a branch of my peach tree with the blossoms just budding. I didn't have room to spread them out and get a good picture of them all together so it looks a bit messy. Also the wind was driving me crazy.

And here below is a Bonus silhouette with purchase - meaning you get 10 ornaments at a great price - less than my ornaments usually go for and even less than the others are on sale for right now! They are a bargain.

Happy Spring and soon to be Happy Easter!

I've got a great deal many more items on the way. As I posted earlier this month I won't be making many more silhouette items for awhile. This is the last of the ornaments I'm making for now and the framed and wood mounted ones in my shop are going to be the last for awhile. There's a sale going on now at my store and I'm moving on to other creative pursuits. More updates on the way, I'll probably be adding just about every day.

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