Monday, April 4, 2011

Macaron, Anyone?

Est-ce que vous voudriez une macaron?

I've been dying to try these little French cookies ever since I first saw them out in blogland. Finally, this week I tracked down a local French bakery, La Bonne Bouchee and bought a little bag of mixed flavors/colors.

Aren't they sweet looking? I had to take a few pictures before trying my first one...

They are certainly a unique taste. Very light and airy with just a hint of flavor other than almond.

Since they didn't tell me what the flavors are I'm guessing with a few. The green is usually pistachio, right? It was my favorite so far. I didn't care for the chocolate (actually, my family all agreed it tastes like the Devil's Food Snackwell cookies), but the vanilla was nice and the yellow was definitely lemon. I'm eating them just a little at a time to savor the special early Easter treat.

Such delicate, pretty colors - they made me break out my French napkins with little lions and Fleur de Lis.

Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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