Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shop Update - Exciting New Items!

I'm very excited to announce I've added some very interesting and beautiful jewelry to the shop.

First up - an Austen inspired silhouette necklace. I've been craving a piece of silhouette jewelry for some time now, so I've made a nice glass tile piece - a young lady on French text back ground:
I've strung it on black ribbon for a romantic look, but I'm also selling it with a pretty silverplated chain - really you could string it on just about anything. So pretty!

And then there's the new Typewriter Key jewelry. I've made bracelets before and sold a few on Ebay, but they always lacked a bit of romance and a feminine touch.

Here, at last, is a solution - a pretty round filigree necklace with an initial...

And I could resist placing it on my pretty red typewriter...

I have some more designs, so far three different settings - here's the diamond shaped filigree one...So pretty. But the best one so far is this Art Deco pendant - I love this necklace! I have one with an 'N' on it and my mother immediately demanded an 'M' for herself. ;)

These really catch the eye and I love the idea of taking something old and unwanted like a dusty old typewriter and crafting a new, beautiful item from it. So these are some of the new items I've been adding so far and I have more to come. Please do take a few moments to check out my shop - there are more pictures of these necklaces as well as other items I've added in the past week. I've been working hard!

If you like my new jewelry please leave a comment - I'm dying for some feedback!

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Hope said...

Wow....so pretty and definitely romantic looking. Love all your new pieces.

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