Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dogwood, Fairies and Birds - Spring Treats

The view from my bedroom window looking down... My pretty dogwood is blooming wonderfully this year! Huzzah! I have had to be very patient with it - the past five years its been there there were very few flowers to be seen, but now it looks quite healthy to me.

A few new items in the shop.

Titania - Queen of the Faeries in Midsummer's Night Dream:

Fair Titania! I love fairies, don't you?

And whilst cleaning out my studio I decided to clear out some scraps - I made these birds awhile back thinking to make a little spring garland from them, but never got around to it so I put them up on my shop.

SOLD - Thank you!

Two of the birds are cut from vintage sheet music and so is the heart, but from older music paper and German - there are a few words on it.

It's been a rather quiet weekend. I watched Upstairs/Downstairs on PBS and now I'm enjoying Downton Abbey again. English costume drama - my favorite way to spend a quiet Sunday evening.

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