Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding Tea

I must confess to being an Anglophile. I love English history and since I'm rather obsessed with their royal history in particular I just had to stay up all night and wait for the wedding to start!! I taped it on my VCR and watched in awe as the guests arrived and finally Will and then Kate. I fell asleep shortly after they said their vows and I'll have to wait until tonight to watch the whole thing with my family, but while I wait...I decided to have a proper cup of tea and toast to the happy couple:

To Will and Kate - may you have happiness and love all the years of you life!!

My silver was still polished from Easter. My sugar bowl and creamer and silver tray I've shown before. My little brown pot is just enough for one person to enjoy a fine cup of tea...
The gorgeous cup is a gift from My Fairy Vintage Godmother. However does she find those treasures I'll never know. Thank you, Auntie!!

And just in case you are wondering what tea it is I'm drinking...
Stewarts Gourmet tea is my absolute favorite. This one is Peach Mango, but I also love their Raspberry!

I was only 2 or 3 when Will's parents married, but I remember watching videos of their wedding on TV and later when we were on a family trip to either Oklahoma or Florida, I forget which, my mother bought me a set of Princess Di paper dolls to keep me entertained and I loved them to bits!

I was just starting college when she died. One of my first college classes was the day after and I was so sad despite my excitement to begin my first days at the University. I will always remember how kind and special Will's mother was and she touched SO many lives. I cried again today at the thought that she was not here to see her beautiful son marry and look so dashing in his uniform. But enough sadness, it is a day of joy and I hope the poor couple don't faint from exhaustion before it is all over. ;)

Congratulations, Will and Kate!! And if any of you bloggers out there are having any special party or post for the day please do point me to your post - I'd love to join in on the festivities!! Or drop a comment on your own views on the day.

Happy Friday.

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