Monday, August 15, 2011

Etsy Update - Shabby Sheep and Silhouettes

Just a quick note to let you know I bought a few more canvases at my local art store and made a new Shabby Sheep for the store - with Crow! I know several of you have said you love the crow with the sheep and I agree - they make a cute pair, don't they?


The sheep stands on his French text - the same text is stamped on all four sides as well.


And I also have made some Silhouette boxes. I think these would make really cute little gifts at a Wedding or a Book Club, etc. or just to keep for yourself anywhere in your house. I love to store buttons, ribbon and other supplies on my desk in my studio or you could use them in your sewing room.

They are all Prim and antiqued - slightly Grubby look. I used antique white and plain black. They are handpainted all over as well as antiqued and sealed with a matte finish.

You get two couples - mix and match however you please. ;)

Have a great Monday!

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