Monday, September 26, 2011

Window Shopping at Etsy

I'm stressed, money is super tight and I'm nervous about the future. That signals that it is definitely time to shop. Well, window shop anyway. And since I love it when my fellow bloggers share their favorite finds here's a few of mine.

First up - a cool find from Etsy's main page:

Found HERE

Antlers! How quirky and as soon as I saw it I immediately thought of Black Apple of course, can't you just see her wearing these? I'm not brave enough to pull it off, but she so could. I love the dress, too. Or at least this picture of it - it looks so Jane Austen-y. The other pictures show it a bit too short, but this picture is just beautiful.

And this I found a little while ago and I see now it is sold. Thank goodness or my credit card might be stretched that much thinner just now...

Found HERE

You don't know how long I looked for a letter just like this one - it's perfect. I need it. Except I don't, really. Darn it all. Not like groceries and health insurance.

And this one is stacked really cool and a GREAT collection, but I do have quite a few of these myself...

Found HERE

We found a ton of these letters at a kind of flea market - they were dumped all over a warehouse floor and no one wanted them. I wish I could have bought them all, but we did bring home quite a lot - filled an office trash can full of all our favorite letters and numbers. I have a few displayed, but mostly in a box - I should stack them like this, though - such a great display idea.

And this is just so cute....

Found HERE

Who doesn't need a bit of whimsy and a medieval hut or tower on their finger?

And this? I don't want the actual print that is listed...I want this kitty!!

Found HERE

I need this kitty - not just because he so cute, but because he could do my taxes for me. ;)

That's all for now. I feel much calmer now...retail therapy. And without spending a dime.

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