Monday, December 12, 2011

Etsy Update - Christmas Shopping

The shop has been busy the past week or so - I just wanted let you guys know that there are a few new items in the shop for the last few shopping days before Christmas!

I put up another large silhouette I just realized I'd forgotten to post. I used a different silhouette than I usually use for these larger frames. I usually use the other girl as she is bigger, but this is a favorite of mine and since I have one on my own wall I thought it was only fair to offer one in the shop. :)

I left the back tab on it so you can put it on a desk/bookshelf, etc. Looks cute with one of my little bottlebrush trees as a Holiday setting.

But also looks great on a wall display.

Also, it seems the musical note pendants are a popular gift choice - great for music lovers or people who like unique eclectic jewelry...


I always use genuine antique sheet music. No copies - each one is absolutely unique and there is more music on the back of course. Check out the listing for more pics.


I thought it'd be cute to take a picture of it hanging on my little bedroom Christmas tree. I love my violin ornament and it goes so well with the pendant. It'd be a great way to display your gift instead of wrapping it - have them find it on the tree! LOL

And these typewriter pendants are popular, too - I've had several compliments on the one I wear. This R is just too cute, isn't it? I don't know why, but I'm drawn to letters and numbers even when they don't necessarily mean anything to me (not in my name or birth date, etc.) I love M and R and E - also love the number 5 for some reason. I have that number in several sizes of newspaper blocks on my bookshelves and when people ask me why I'm like - why not??

I used a delicate silver chain to match the delicate filigree setting. So pretty!

And there is another Shabby Sheep original up, this time not on a stretch canvas, but on a flat one - easier for framing/mounting or whatever you like.

Just a note that typewriter letters and other items are of limited supply and items are moving fast right now. Be sure to grab any item you've been eyeing before it is gone!

Merry Christmas and happy decorating and baking for the season!!

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