Friday, December 16, 2011

My Little White Chrismas Tree

While we do keep a large real tree in the living room, I like to keep a small white tree in my bedroom to enjoy at night.

I bought this tree at Target a few years ago - it sits perfectly on my dresser.

I've had a devil of a time finding the right star for the top of the tree - nothing fits or looks just right and every year I swear that next year I will find something that works. Well this year at Hobby Lobby I found an old fashioned glitter star ornament and I put a piece of wire to make it work on the top of my tree. Pretty, isn't it?

It's kind of old fashioned pink.

And I love to hang my little tin sign below. SNOW. Which is something I always hope for at Christmas...

Overall I'm rather happy with the look. I couldn't find my small mercury glass ornaments this year - I must've put them in a safe place which means I'll find them in the Spring most likely. LOL

I decided to string some keys along with my beautiful violin ornament.

Nothing like vintage keys as ornaments to make me happy.

And it glows so peacefully at night. Very relaxing...

I'm still working on decorating the big tree downstairs. I'll post pictures when we finally finish. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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