Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Handsome Soldier

My Grandfather passed away last week - he was 91 years old. 

He was a Marine that served in WWII and as you can see he was a rather handsome fellow...

He was the kind of grandfather that always wanted to be useful and help out when he could.  He'd drop everything and rush to give you a ride if you needed it, carried extra pens in his pocket for grandkids to scribble on placemats at restaurants.  He was the kind of guy that if you mentioned you liked something he'd try and get it for you - just to make you smile. 

He always save me the Comics page in the newspaper - long after I'd stopped reading them and I remember as a kid he always wanted to buy the best present at Christmases and Birthdays so he could see how happy we were when we tore the wrapping off.  It's the little things I remember most, but they always showed me he cared.  He was kind and thoughtful in lots of different little ways and I'll miss him.   

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