Monday, October 13, 2014

Orion the Beautiful - Black and White Cat Love

*Blows dust off blog*  Whew!  *Cough cough*  Where HAVE I been?  I've nearly updated a hundred times and utterly failed.  I'm thinking of switching over to a Facebook page instead since they are so much easier to update and more connected. 

So, enough with lame excuses.  I'm going to post a few updates since I have a backlog of ideas, pictures and items to show off.  I just wanted to crack the ice and maybe show a few pictures of my cat.  I know, a terrible stereotype to show cat pictures, but I wanted to show just a few very pretty pictures of Orion to show how he's grown - he's a year and a half old now.

I named him Orion because he was such a good little hunter and played fetch with a sock as a little kitten and most of all as he had dark gray hair that made a little belt at his middle before turning to black.  Now it is all black and white fur - no belt at all.  And all that fuzzy kitten hair turned sleek and super soft fine fur.



Orion and the Giant Lobster:

I bought this big stuffed lobster from the Boston Aquarium ages ago and I put it on my bed in the summers sometimes - Orion took an instant liking to it - he cuddles with it all the time.  Guess it isn't going anywhere.

This is Orion's kitten - a little black and white stuffed animal my Aunt sent last Christmas - he luvs it.
  He kicks it and bites it and then licks it all over like a real kitten  It's hilarious and sweet to watch.  But sometimes he just cuddles with it.  Aww.

And because Halloween will be soon - apparently he's going as a Vampire this year...

I love this pic, just happened to catch him mid yawn and it's amazing.
Next post will be un-cat related.  Promise. 

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cherries said...

Such a pretty kitty! Love those pics!

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