Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just the Facts, Jack

I've been debating about whether to divulge anything remotely personal on this blog as I'm rather a private and shy person in real life, but I also know that I appreciate it when other bloggers share a bit of their own lives so maybe in the interest reciprocating I can reveal a few facts about myself. Often times bloggers tag one another with a game of sharing a few facts so I'll do it that way as I haven't been tagged yet myself.

1 - My name is Nicki, 58Cherries is our shop on Etsy and sometimes Ebay which I share with my mother, Mary.

2 - I am legally deaf. I can only hear wearing hearing aids and mostly read lips, but I have been slowly losing my hearing since I was about 5 and I can speak perfectly well and no on knows my disability unless I reveal it. The email and internet have been a godsend as I can communicate on equal footing for the first time.

3 - I have a Bachelor's degree in History and Politics with an emphasis in History - I'm a Tudor buff and love reading anything I can get my hands on about Henry VIII and his wives and children. I'm currently reading a bio on Mary I. I have a Master's Degree with a dual major in Management and Computer Resources and Information Management. A boring degree as I'm really more of a History gal - not a techie.

4 - I have scoliosis - I was diagnosed when I was 11 and wore a brace for a year as well as a lift in my shoe (middle school was oh so fun). The curve in my spine was severe enough that it didn't help and I had to have surgery. I have three rods in my back.

5 - I love lots of different artistic styles, but have recently come to really appreciate folk art, much to my mom's amazement. I hated it as a kid, but she always loved it.

6 - My mom's an amazing artist. She was always making stuff when I was a kid and she painted a beautiful folk art wedding portrait based on her own wedding picture and it is just amazing. I'll have to post a picture of it soon. I most want to be able to paint like her. She has great taste and is super creative. If only she had more time on her hands.

And...that's enough for now. Just a few facts. I will post fun stuff soon. Halloween is tomorrow night and I can't wait. I bought a beautiful new costume as a treat to myself. Check it out:

Isn't it beautiful?? I got it in the mail yesterday and it looks every bit as good as the picture. I'm so happy with it - great quality and very flattering. I only wish my hair was longer to style it better. I'm gonna wear a great little jeweled necklace that will go perfectly with this. (I'm not a choker kind of girl).


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Nicki, if you read my blog a week or so ago, then I officially tagged YOU ;-) So it's all good.

I also appriciate learning about my fellow crafty-bloggers, so I am so glad that you told a bit about yourself :-) Just curious...if you don't old are you? I am guessing you are in my age-group (late 20's).

58 Cherries said...

You did? I do read your blog, but I often miss a post here and there. I'll have to go read the back entries again. I'm 29. ;-) Sorry I missed the tag.

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed reading your Blog. Recently I have been diagnosed with scoliosis, so I spend most of my free time researching and trying to find information on the internet. In my search I found and they have introduced me to the world of SpineCor.. a flexible soft scoliosis brace.. I was so relief that I did not have to wear the hard rigid braces and I wear SpineCor under my clothes and no one even knows I have it on.. anyways, I look forward to all the updates. Thanks again,


58 Cherries said...

If you ever have any questions about scoliosis or anything else feel free to ask away. My curve was rather severe and diagnosed at a young age (11 years) so I had to wear the rigid brace and then eventually have surgery to correct it.

I'm still suffering from the effects to this day, though, and have a great deal of pain. It's just somethine you have to live with. Hope you are doing well with it.

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