Saturday, October 4, 2008

Studio 58Cherries

I'm dreaming of a studio right now. We bought our house about 4 years ago and are just now getting around to gutting and redoing the den downstairs which will then become a studio and I can't wait til it's done! Right now I just work on a table in the living room and stash my supplies under the table of in the bottom half of a dvd cabinet. I can't wait to be able to stretch out and organize my stuff better. At the moment the room is totally gutted except for a new ceiling - we still need walls and a floor so I'm impatiently dreaming up what I'll do with it when I finally get to decorate/set it up. I bought a magazine to drool over - Cloth Paper Scissors Studios - special issue at Jo Ann's today.

So beautiful! I love comparing the different studios and figuring out how much counter space and light I'll need. It's the perfect inspiration and if you like looking at artists' studios I highly recommend this issue. It even has a fantastic prim style studio on the cover - lovely.

I like a mix of primitive and shabby chic, myself. A bit more on the light and airy colors and old vintage mix of knick knacks.

I plan to also use the studio as a spare bedroom when needed or just as a place to get away from it all so I'm going to set up my lovely white (heavy!) metal daybed with some nice shabby chic style covers and pillows which I'm sure my cats will enjoy while I'm working down there. ;)

The three musketeers:

At the foot of my bed you can see the old chair I had as a child that I painted black - I keep it because it is so cute and reminds me of sitting on it with my dolls and playing with my cousins and friends, but also because it makes a very handy step for the two older kitties that need a bit of help up.
And sometimes they just want to sit in it and watch TV...

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Cheryl said...

I love this cute!

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