Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tale of Two Houses

October, how I do adore you. The leaves are just starting to change on the red maple just outside my bedroom window and soon they will be a bright vivid orangey-red like you can see on my blog banner.

I love the warm weather we're having right now. Just the right temperature to go outside and pick the last of the tomatoes and flowers from my garden. Also the perfect time to start decorating for Halloween. Tomorrow I'll probably start stringing up my purple fairy lights in the bushes. Last year one older neighbor looked at me like I was crazy and asked me if I wasn't a bit early to be decorating for Xmas already. Nope, sorry - you're next door to a Halloween lover. I like to decorate for Christmas, too, but Halloween is my first, best love.

So far all I've done is added the scaredy cats to my pumpkin wreath:

Ahhh - NOW it's Fall for me. ;)

Another week speeds by fast as the blink of an eye. I meant to update over the past few days, but was under the weather. A Fanciful Twist had a great Autumn tale on her blog a few days ago and it had the little Literary House she bought in the pictures. The witch that lives in the house seems very happy to me.

So now that I'm feeling a bit better and the weather was so nice outside I'm finally able to present my two new houses:

In the tiny grove of a nearby woods lived a fairy with a cheerful purple Polka Dot House. It's been worn by time, but the roof doesn't leak and the windows let in plenty of light.

Nearby lived another fairy in a far more musical house with a dark red roof:

Everyone knew just where to find it - the address is clearly printed above the door - Melody 79. (The same as the sheet music she used to paper the house.) I'll be posting these houses on my Etsy store very soon. They are the same size as the previous houses I sold, but I do also plan to post a smaller house and possibly one of my larger houses as well in the future.

And in other news - the Halloween Blog Party is this Friday and I can't wait to post some cool stuff. I'll also be doing a give away that day - something very Halloween-y to decorate the lucky winner's home so be sure to check out this blog and join the fun!!


SquishyCuteStuff said...

Cute houses! I really want to do a fairy garden in our backyard one of these days... once we get done with dirt-work and get some grass growing! I think it is shady enough to be perfect for this!

Last year I did something cool with Halloween lights. We pounded some long pieces of rebar (not sure of spelling, but the skinny metal stuff used in construction) into the ground on either side of the front walk. Then I tied a big bundle of cornstalks to each one and twisted orange lights around them. That looked awesome! This year, I just did one big lighted cornstalk bundle :-)

58 Cherries said...

Your lighting idea sounds interesting - do you have a picture of it?? I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and I really need to light up my walk as it isn't level and I worry about kids tripping.

Heather said...

they're gorgeous! I love love love the house with the sheet music on it. Beautiful!~

58 Cherries said...

Thanks! ;)

afiori said...

oooh! the melody house!!!!! wow!!
see you at the party tomorrow :)

♥ visit me at ♥

Hootin' Anni said...

Love these!!! I ♥ Halloween!!!

Come check my Halloween Party slideshow if you can find time.


Lorie said...

Very cute house! That would have been fun for a Halloween haunted house too! Must find me one to alter!

suze said...

I love sugar cookies! Thanks for the recipe.
Happy halloween.

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